Full of passion and drama, "Mass From Two Worlds" is a piece which many will find to be eclectic in its musical styles and influences. It has a touch of South American rhythm, shades of French colors, and occasional ventures into Renaissance and Romanticism. I hope you will find in my "Mass From Two Worlds" a work that is both versatile and challenging, but not too difficult to master. A multi functional piece, "Mass From Two Worlds" may be sung in its entirety as a concert piece, or to "fill in" your musical program. It may also be performed as anthems sung individually. The Gloria works well with added percussion, and I encourage organists to play the accompaniment, adapting it to their instruments as they see fit. Although the piece was written for piano, I have included some recommended organ registrations, courtesy of Ae Kyong Kim, a friend and gifted organist.

I hope you enjoy my first self-published work and thank you for your interest in my music. Please feel free to e-mail me with questions, comments, and reactions to your concerts.

The Mass


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Agnus Dei

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Additional Music

Ave verum mp3 (3.4MB)
Psalm 95 mp3 (1.6MB)
Sing Gloria mp3 (1.0MB)
Hodie Christus mp3 (3.9MB)
Morning Has Broken mp3 (6.2MB) PDF (332kb)Bell Choir Arrangement
Isaiah 58 mp3 (5.4MB) PDF (332kb)

Music of the Hollywood Presbyterian Cathedral Choir

Come Thou Fount mp3 (6.7MB) Arranged by Mark Wilberg
The Lord is my Shepherd mp3 (6.0MB) Written by Mark Wilberg